Prayers needed

I started this post yesterday but was interrupted by a phone call from our mission president. He was telling us that one of the full-time Sisters who serves here in Canberra had been hit by a car and asked us to go to the hospital to meet with the District leader Elders who were rushing there. We are two minutes from there, so we arrived and found the elders. After much waiting, and with other missionaries and members gathering in the ICU waiting room which they had placed us all, Elder Larkin and the district leader were finally able to go in to her and gave her a blessing. Fairly soon after, the mission president arrived after a 3 hour drive from Sydney.  She is from America and is in critical condition at this time with head and chest injuries. We left the hospital late last night and have been told today that they are waiting for her to regain consciousness. She and her companion had stopped off the road to take some photos. Her companion was sitting in the car with her seat belt on and she was about to re-enter the car when the car hit her, tore off the door which was open and propelled their car forward. She was pinned under the car that hit her. Her companion was not seriously hurt. Please offer a prayer on her behalf. Her name is Sister Levine. Thank you.

Last weekend we had our monthly Fast Breaker. Our Fast Sunday was  month early because this coming Sunday is Australian Father’s Day. We hosted it at the nearby chapel and then the YSA put on the most wonderful Music Fireside. It was a good evening and we had a real good turn-out for both events. I did not get a single photo. Just one of those things where I had my camera but was too busy. Just know that it was a  great evening. And my pulled pork was a hit!

We spent some time on Monday morning with a couple of Skype calls. We are so grateful for the modern technologies available to us. This was especially evident last night when the mission President had a Face-time call with the sister’s parents so they could talk face to face with the doctor and the President.

On Tuesday we prepared for our end-of-term Institute party that evening. All went as planned until we went to pick up the large pizza order and they not only did not have it ready, they didn’t have the order! So we walked out 1/2 hour later with the pizzas and scrambled to set up and get the party going. Even though I had my camera ready, I again took no photos! I was the time-keeper among other things. It was chaotic fun and Minute-to-Win-it games were never more lively! We had another good turn out!

We have received several dinner invitations for the last few weeks here and had a lovely dinner on Wednesday with the parents of one of our YSA missionaries. Good food and good company. An enjoyable evening. No photos!

We are preparing for our new course of study, “Doctrines of the Gospel” which we start next week, as well as preparing things for the CES Missionary couple who will take our place here about a month after we go home.

We leave Canberra in 2 weeks and fly home a few days after that. Looking forward to coming home, but so reluctant to leave so many friends we have made here! Since it had no photos to share this week, please enjoy the one I took of a cheeky Australian Magpie that hopped into our flat looking for his bread crumb handout a couple of days ago, as well as some photos I took of our oncoming Spring:


Please pray for our sweet sister.

Until next time….



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