I did not get my post up yesterday (Friday) like I usually do. So this is a day late, sort of. Actually, only in my own mind. I get to post whenever I want! Thanks for being patient.

On Monday, we attended a FHE with our investigator, Lipou. It was in part to help him prepare for his baptism. We (two sets of missionaries, his friend in one of the wards here, the friend’s wife and son, and Elder Larkin and myself) bore our testimonies and encouraged him to be strong and move forward with faith. Then we made a few decisions about who would baptise him and confirm him a member of the church and who would participate in his program. He seemed ok, but was bundled up and coughing a little. We enjoyed the evening and told him we would see him on the following Saturday at his baptism. However, he was getting sick that night. By the next day, the Sisters called us to come and help the Elders give him a blessing, which we did before we headed off to our day class. By Thursday, he told the Sisters he was really not well and asked if we could move the baptism one more week ahead. So…barring all other delays, we hope we will enjoy seeing our friend baptised next Saturday. We took some photos that night. I hope to have a lot more photos of him and his children after his baptism. He is the one with the black beanie hat, tupenu (wrap around Tongan skirt) and striped scarf on.


We taught our classes this week, of course. Between the rain, and the winter breaks for school, plus some winter illnesses going around, our attendance was quite low this week. Disappointing, but we still love to teach the wonderful teachings of the Book of Mormon and we enjoy all our students.

Thursday, we were able to attend a soccer game of one of our YSA’s. She usually plays on Sundays, but had a make up game that night. The temp wasn’t too bad, but the nasty Canberra winter wind was blowing hard and we (spectators as well as players) about froze! If felt sub-freezing with the wind-chill, even bundled up. The best part was her team won and we really enjoyed her game! I attempted a few photos, but I was shaking from the cold, there was constant movement (players and wind…) so none of them are very good. I’ll add a couple here, but they’re not much. I feel bad you can’t see her darling face! Her last name is Larkin, too! We have enjoyed getting better acquainted with her.

IMG_3449 IMG_3451 IMG_3453

Yesterday, Friday we ran some errands to get food and preparation done for our Seminary Teacher training session this morning. On our way home, the phone rang and it was our Mission President and his wife calling to say they were in Canberra for interviews. They invited us to dinner and we spent a couple of hours really getting to know them. It was a very enjoyable dinner and company. We, of course, did not take photos. But we will see them again in early August for a Senior Couples FHE in Sydney. I promise, I will take some photos and especially one with them. President Back is our fourth (4th!!!) mission president! Our first was Pres. Howes who headed up the then, Sydney mission. The mission was split a year ago and we met President Lew and his wife. They were supposed to stay for 3 years, but President Lew became quite ill and they were released after 10 months. So sad to see them go. Then we had a short-term interim president, President Palmer, for three months. They left early this month when President Back and his wife arrived to serve for 3 years. Hopefully, we will only have four! We seem to be hard on Mission Presidents, haha! 😉

As I mentioned, we had our Seminary Teacher training this morning. Our new CES coordinator came down from Sydney and we, and our teachers, enjoyed getting to know him better. It was a good meeting and we enjoyed good company and food, as well as important instructions.

That’s it for now. I will be back next week…hopefully on Friday, instead of Saturday.

Until next time….


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