Skype calls and sports!

Hello world!

We’ve had a good week here. Last Friday we had a nice Skype call with our new CES director. He’s pretty new to the job and we enjoyed updating him on CES things here in Canberra as well as future events that we needed to plan for. We’ll enjoy working with him.

Saturday night we attended a ward YSA Sports night for one of the wards here! They were joined by others from the stake and it was a fun activity. They are a competitive bunch and got some good games going. They played basketball, volleyball and indoor soccer. (Only America calls it soccer…the rest of the world calls it football…). I did get my sports setting on the camera worked out so I took a few photos. Here are some to enjoy. The first five are the basketball game:

IMG_3360 IMG_3366 IMG_3375 IMG_3378 IMG_3384

I love the two elders peeking in the door in the last one…sorry, Elders…not p-day today! These are the volleyball game:

IMG_3387 IMG_3391 IMG_3394 IMG_3399 IMG_3407 IMG_3409

And these are from the “football” game:

IMG_3420 IMG_3425 IMG_3426 IMG_3428 IMG_3429

My favorite thing is the “goal” is made from two chairs.  They didn’t score unless it was between the chairs and not over the goalie’s head. It was a fun event and since they really love their sports, they play a lot of sports with each other. It’s common to have a game of basketball after Institute most weeks. No playing for us…just too old and we don’t want to break anything. We are great score keepers and cheerleaders, however!

We had a very nice Fast Breaker at one of the bishop’s homes on Sunday. I did fail to take pictures, but we descended on his home, ate like wolves, played a couple of games and left with hopefully not a big mess. Fast Breakers are held regularly each month, usually in the home of a bishop or member of the Stake Presidency. We do enjoy being together!

Monday, we had to decide between two things we really wanted to do. This time, we went with the Sisters to teach our Tongan investigator. He’s such a good man with a growing testimony. We pray for him daily and hope he will be baptised later this month. Of, course, I will post about it when it happens. We look forward to it, very much! We were also supposed to teach him again last night, but he was not feeling well. We also could have attended a ward YSA FHE on Monday, but they had a great time without us, from what we hear. What a good bunch!

We prepped for and taught our three lessons this week. We have so enjoyed teaching from the Book of Mormon and we have both learned so much ourselves as we prepare each week. We are currently teaching from 3 Nephi. It has been amazing to teach the words of the Savior to our students! We love the Book of Mormon. We testify of its truthfulness. It testifies of Jesus Christ! We are so grateful!

We had a Skype call with our grandson who was baptised this last week. It was so hard not to be there for this wonderful event. In addition to the ordination to the Priesthood for two other grandsons, recently. And even though I don’t post a lot about our family back home, I feel that a baptism picture is appropriate. So here is one of our grandson and his family:


We also had a long Skype call with one of our other sons. It was so nice to really catch up and talk about our coming home with him. We miss our family, but we only have about 2.5 months left and we are really looking forward to our return.

And to close, we also had a long Skype call today with the couple who has been called to replace us here in this specific mission assignment. They are from Oregon and we are so happy they finally have their call, which has taken awhile to receive. We were hoping they could overlap us, but it doesn’t look likely. But as long as our YSA’s and students are not left “alone” for too long, it will all be alright. They will love the young people of this stake and be a wonderful addition to the program here.

Thanks for checking in for the blog. Have a nice week!

Until next time….



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