Greetings from the frozen South!

Hello everyone!

It’s seasonably cold here in Canberra. It was 28F when we came home at 10:00 pm last night. Think January, if you’re from North America! Canberra gets cold, but no snow here in town. The right conditions for snow rarely exist here. The mountains get some, but they are some distance away, so we get to enjoy seeing it from afar. Here’s a pic:


Last Friday was a busy evening for us as we had two events that we split ourselves between. We started at a ward YSA fun night of pizza, movies and games at one of the advisor’s home. We stayed for the pizza, (of course!), but, sadly we left before the fun began. I’ll explain why in a moment. We enjoy the company of these young people so much and this was no exception. They are a fun bunch to be around. Here’s some photos of that event. The second of these photos I love…because it shows how they laugh and enjoy each other! The last photo of this group was taken in a mirror hanging on the wall!

IMG_3238 IMG_3240 IMG_3243 IMG_3245 IMG_3247 IMG_3253

The reason we left this event early was to go to our other event that same night. This was an ice skating party that was held as a farewell for one of our young men leaving for his mission. We were at that same rink about a year ago, but neither of us remember it being so cold inside! It was colder inside than outside that night! Took awhile to get the feeling back in our toes, but we sure enjoyed watching the YSA’s that were there to say goodbye. Enjoy:

IMG_3255 IMG_3266 IMG_3280 IMG_3282 IMG_3286 IMG_3294 IMG_3304 IMG_3305

On Saturday, we popped into the family history center at the Stake Center where several of our YSA’s were doing some research for a ward event. They are trying to get names ready to take to the temple sometime later this month. While we were there, we had a quick birthday Skype call with a granddaughter. Very sweet!

On Sunday, after attending one ward in the morning, we hurried to the other building so we could hear our departing missionary give a talk. He will serve in the Hamilton, NZ mission. He’s very well prepared and will be a fun missionary as he’s a bit of a character. Here’s our goodbye photos with Elder Elijah Glass which we took on Tuesday when we said goodbye. Yes…he is very tall…and still growing! He hopes to come grow some more while he is out! I include two…please note his face in the second one…It says it all!

IMG_3334-edited IMG_3338-edited

We took another photo on Tuesday night with our good friend, Keller. He is getting ready to move to Melbourne and we will surely miss him. Keller served his mission in Long Beach and we swap Southern California stories with him. He’s a good man and we wish him the best as he moves on to other endeavors in his life. Here’s our picture:


On Monday, we had the opportunity to help teach our Tongan minister friend. It had been over two weeks since the missionaries had met with him. We were pleased to see that he had worked through the difficulties he was having and enjoyed the spirit the Sisters shared with him. We all challenged him to work towards baptism. He has a testimony, but is still struggling to make a full commitment and keep it. He’s a good man and we actually met and talked to him again, last night. The sisters challenged him to be baptised on the 19th of July. We’d love any prayers for him that you might offer. His name is Lipou. (pronounced Lee-po).

We also prepped our lessons and taught on Tuesday and Thursday of this week. We love our students and love teaching! We are teaching several lessons right now from 3 Nephi and the Savior’s visit to the Nephite people. The Book of Mormon is TRUE! If you will read it and sincerely pray about it, you will receive a testimony of its truthfulness and it will bless your life! You can receive a free copy for yourself from

On Wednesday, our former Stake President and his wife came over and brought us lunch! Not only was it delicious food, but the company was great! (Can’t get any better than two “Larkin” couples enjoying each other’s company.) John and Robyn Larkin are the advisor couple to our Mission Prep class. We are now working with them to encourage all YSA and 17-year-old potential missionaries to prepare themselves for a mission and attend the class. They are amazing and we have had a wonderful response to their invitations to the class.

We had a good Skype call with our new CES director this morning. He’s a good man and we look forward to his trip here to Canberra in a couple of weeks for our Seminary Teacher Training day.

Well, another busy week is behind us. We are inching closer to our coming home. We have a little less than three months to go. We can hardly believe it!

Until next time….





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