This blog isn’t for you..well maybe a little!

I know that there are a few faithful readers of our blog. I know they enjoy reading about what we do here on our mission. We have some sporadic readers who check in periodically and they enjoy it too. There is also that fluke encounter by someone who may read it once and not return because they’re not interested. But we write this blog for us! This is our record. Well, one of our records. I keep a daily journal, also. I hope that in the future I can print out this blog and have it in book form. So that we and our children and our grandchildren and their children can read it and know what we did for this 19 months. My journal is more personal…it reflects the changes, feelings and growth I have experienced while we have been here. Anyway, for anyone who reads this, we hope you enjoy this experience. I’m not the best writer. (I have a sister who’s much better than I am). I don’t take the best photos, although I wish I could take better ones. We are not the best missionaries, but we do all we can to be the best at what we do. We are happy!!!  We are serving the Lord. And serving the Lord make’s one happy! Now onto today’s post:

Last Saturday we went to a YSA ward activity in one of the wards here. They had their version of  a “Cake Boss” kind of competition and then afterward they took the cakes to members in their ward who needed a little extra sweetness! It was a very nice mix of fun and service! It was so fun to see everyone’s creative sides come out and everything sure looked good. I did not take my regular camera (remember my wish to take better pictures…) so I took them with my phone. It’s a good thing the activity was more fun than my photos are good. Although the subjects of the photos are delightful! The advisor couple in this ward are newly married and pretty much the same age as these YSA’s. Bet you couldn’t even figure out which ones they are. The cake highlight of the night had to be the Tim Tam Airplane cake! Enjoy:

IMG_4359 IMG_4371 IMG_4372 IMG_4373 IMG_4374 IMG_4376 IMG_4377 IMG_4378 IMG_4379 IMG_4381

Sunday I awoke with a cold and fought that off for a few days. Getting an asthma cough every time I catch a cold does not make things fun, but I started feeling much better by Tuesday, thank goodness. I chalk that up to lots of prayers. And proper medication.

We taught our lessons this week and they went well. We are teaching about the few years just before Christ appears after his resurrection in Helaman and 3 Nephi.  It’s such an interesting time in the Book of Mormon and there are so many lessons to learn from the stories and teachings there. We love to teach and it’s so good when we have students who choose to come and learn what the Lord wants them to learn. So grateful to teach!

On Wednesday, one of our YSA girls called us up to tell us her visa to Brazil had come through. Her original Brazilian MTC date was June 25. She had been told by Salt Lake that getting a visa could take anywhere between a few months to a year. She could have been reassigned, serve part of her mission here while she waited, or just wait. She has just been waiting for the last 3 or so months. Because she is British and has a British passport, they told her it would probably come through by early September. She was totally shocked to hear it had come through this week! At that point in the call they said she would depart in early August. By the end of the day, however, SLC had called her back and told her it would be best to depart by her original date (June 24) so she didn’t have to start the process all over again! So that gave her 6 days to prepare. (And she hadn’t been to the temple yet, either!) The next day, she received another call and they told her they couldn’t get anything booked for Tuesday, so she is now leaving on Monday afternoon! We are joining her in the temple tomorrow morning as she receives her endowment. We are very excited for her, but it has been quite overwhelming for her as she scrambles to get ready. So proud of her and her willingness to do what she is asked to do. We will miss her, but we know she is doing what the Lord wants her to do! It takes courage to make such quick adjustments! There will be lots of photos in the next couple of days. I will share some of them next week.

We missed one of the ward FHE’s on Monday because I didn’t feel well. And we were supposed to go teach our Tongan minister friend several times in the last week, but he has cancelled every appointment. We are praying hard for him. We worry that he has been negatively affected and is having a hard time. We pray for him daily.

We are so grateful that we have experienced such good health. This is only my second cold and neither of us has had any major health issues. We are truly blessed by the Lord’s tender mercies. We love our Savior! We love our mission. We love serving Him, whose Gospel we teach.

Until next time….


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