Goodbyes are getting harder

This will be a very fast post. We are leaving in a couple of hours to go to Sydney for a YSA Convention, so time is limited.

We seem to say goodbye a lot around here. We have missionaries leaving as well as other YSA’s who are moving on to other adventures and opportunities. Last Saturday we went to a mission farewell of a young man named Dion. He leaves this week for the Ghana MTC and then will serve in Sierra Leone! Dion is an amazing story of conversion and change of heart. He has come a long way in less than a year. Saying goodbye is hard, but he is off to do special things for the Lord to the wonderful people of Africa. Here is a photo of him and us. We treasure our relationship with him and his family. (I posted photos of his little sister’s baptism last week…where he performed the ordinances for her). We are so pleased with Dion’s choice to serve and pray for him and our other YSA’s everyday.


When we arrived 15 months ago, there were two engaged couples in our YSA group…two brothers engaged to two cousins! They were both shortly married in the temple about a week apart. One of those two couples had a baby boy just this week. It is so exciting to see the progress of these wonderful friends and we are so happy for them! No photos as we haven’t even seen the new little fellow yet. Excited to do so!

Sunday we held our YSA Fast and Testimony meeting and Fast Breaker. We have a Fast Breaker each month, but we only have a Sacrament meeting once a quarter. Lots of things were happening that day so our numbers were fewer, but by food time, many of our young people were with us and we enjoyed each other’s company as we feasted on homemade chile and other goodies. We love being with them…they inspire us!

We have taught our lessons and spent time arranging for this weekend’s activity in Sydney. It will be fun and crazy!. I will take photos and share them with you next week.

We are slowly inching into winter. It’s been a very warm Autumn and we have enjoyed the color and beautiful skies. Most of the trees have lost thier leaves and it’s getting cooler. It’s hard to believe we will go home at the end of winter, just as Spring begins to unfold here! Time is truly going too fast!

That is all to share with you today. We send our love and testimony to you all. We know the work we do is true and we love to teach and share our testimonies of the Book of Mormon with all who read this. Our Heavenly Father is real and loves us. Our Savior, Jesus Christ died for us and Atoned for our sins. We are so grateful for these blessings and we testify they are true!

Until next time….



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