Baptisms and Conferences

Greetings from your favorite missionaries!

We’ve had a good week here. It’s been busy with all missionary things! We greatly enjoyed attending a baptism of a sweet 8-year-old, Bella, whom we have grown very close to. She is one of 7 children in her family. We have dinner and Family Home Evenings with their family often and have had many opportunities to teach them and get to know and love them all! I was asked to give the talk on the Holy Ghost and Elder Larkin was a witness and also participated in the circle when Bella was confirmed and given the Gift of the Holy Ghost. What a sweet experience this was for us. It was especially sweet as we watched her older brother (one of our YSA’s) perform the ordinances for her. Dion is waiting to leave on his mission to Sierra Leone in just a couple of weeks. We are so proud of him and how far he has come the year we have known him. Here are some photos we took prior to the baptism:

IMG_2982 IMG_2987 IMG_2991 IMG_2983

We had a mission wide conference on Monday. It was wonderful! Elder O’Reirdon of the Seventy came and spoke and taught us, as well as our good mission president and his wife. It was so fun to see all the missionaries we have worked with here in Canberra and greet them all. And even though I took my camera, it was more about hugs and hand shakes than it was about photos. Here is the two photos I took. The first is an Elder who served here for many months, but has moved onto other assignments. He showed us his “crushable” hat that was on his list of items to bring! He’s a fun missionary! Gotta love his style! The second photo I took when we stopped for lunch right after the conference and ran into four of the missionaries. One of them served here for quite a while. He’s the one facing us and is from Oklahoma! I loved two things about this photo…one, they were blessing their food. And two, they had pooled all their chips (fries) together! Gotta love the elders!

IMG_3044 IMG_3046

Here’s the other fun photo I took of the day. We ate at Hungry Jacks…does it look familiar to you Americans? Yup, Burger King! But look closely at the sign…”Brekky” is a nickname of the word breakfast. Only in Australia!


The conference was early, so we were up and out the door before sunrise to get there by 9:00 am. Of course, Australia gifted us with the most amazing sunrise and it lasted for at least an hour! I’ll put a few photos up of the sunrise and our drive. Something we’ve noticed is there is a lot of ground fog here in the mornings this time of year. It’s caused by the temperature difference between the ground and the air. It dissipates quickly, but it can be pretty. (Please ignore the dirty windshield.) The second photo below is the fog at Lake George. It is a huge dry lake bed which sometimes has water in it, but not since we’ve been here. Last time was about 2010, apparently. It covers a huge area and is used (when not filled with water) as an area where cattle and sheep graze. It’s a beautiful place!

IMG_3001 IMG_3006 IMG_3010 IMG_3018 IMG_3021 IMG_3022 IMG_3028 IMG_3041

We can’t get over the beauty here!

We have taught our lessons this week. We love teaching and love our students and YSA’s! What a joy it is to work here with so many good people in this stake of Zion! We went to two wards last Sunday and then followed it with our CES Broadcast in the evening. The speaker was Elder M. Russell Ballard and what a powerful talk he gave! Please look it up and watch it! It was broadcast originally on the 4th of May.

After returning from Sydney on Monday from our Conference, we had the opportunity to help the sisters teach the Tongan minister, again. He has set a baptism date and we are working to help him get there. He has made such progress and has a wonderful sweet testimony of the Gospel. It has been such a joy to help to teach him and watch him change so much. We get to teach him again, tonight. We look forward to his baptism. I’ll try to get a photo of him with us to share with you.

We had to say another goodbye this week. Solomone (Mone) just returned from his mission in Tonga about a month ago. He’s been such a great addition to our group and we have really enjoyed getting to know him better. He leaves for Hawaii where he will work and enter a new phase of his life. We’re glad our lives brushed up against his, even for a short while. Here is our photo with him.


That is it for now. We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures. Thanks to those who have stuck it out and read my posts each week. I love this “journal”, of sorts, for my own record, too.

Until next time…




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