Now that’s a bonfire!

Greetings to all..

It’s been a busy and full week. Last Friday we went to a farewell bonfire for a couple of our YSA’s who left on their missions this last week. Now, we’ve been to bonfires before, but this one was HUGE! It was so fun to roast marshmallows (both American and Australian versions) and enjoy each other’s company on a warm Autumn evening. We learned about the game, “Sardines” and enjoyed chatting and sharing stories with each other. Here’s a couple of pictures…although it doesn’t do the size of the fire justice. The moon wasnt too shabby that night, either!

IMG_2893 IMG_2909 IMG_2912 IMG_2936

Here are our going away photos with both the missionaries. Dannielle is serving in the Adelaide Australia mission and Zac is serving in the London England mission.

IMG_2754 IMG_2967

On Sunday we had a Stake YSA FHE. Even though we were a bit late, we enjoyed the evening very much. It was topped off with waffles and ice cream! Yum!  On Monday, we went to one of the Ward’s FHE. Again, a very enjoyable evening. We almost always end that one with a game of Mafia. We’ll explain that one sometime in the future… And I always have a hit with my white chocolate popcorn!

On Tuesday night we held our end of term Institute party. We have finished the first half of The Book of Mormon course and we begin the second half next week. We had pizza’s and desserts and played many different games…including volleyball, ping-pong, and board games. The turn-out was great and we also had 3 investigators brought by the young missionaries. It was definitely a big success! Of course, I took my camera, but totally forgot to take any photos. Too busy partying, I guess!

On Wednesday, we had dinner with a sweet family we have spent a good deal of time with. They are a wonderful family and we always enjoy being with them. Aside from the yummy meals they always serve! It was topped off with yummy Krispy Kreme donuts! Yup, they are even here!!! We will attend the baptism of their youngest daughter tomorrow. I have been asked to give the talk on the Holy Ghost and Elder Larkin will help with the confirmation. What a blessing to be able to serve this lovely family!

We continue to move forward. We teach our Tongan minister friend tonight as he moves closer to his baptism which will be held next month. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve here. We are grateful for all the Tender Mercies we have been blessed with. we love our mission. We love our Savior, Jesus Christ. We testify of His divinity and his Atonement.

Until next time…



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