Baptisms and FHE’s

Hello again…

What a lovely week this has been for us. Last Saturday, we attended a baptism of a YSA named Sheehan. He has attended our UC Institute class and we have gotten to know him better. So proud of him choosing to be baptised! It was a lovely service. The ordinance was performed by one of our other YSA’s who was recently baptised himself. It was his first time performing the ordinance of baptism! Love these two young men! Here’s our photo with both of them: (Sheehan is in the middle and Jaye, who baptised him is on the left)


We celebrated a lovely Sabbath on Mother’s day! Australia also celebrates the day and we heard great talks, the Primary children sing and we ladies all got chocolates! There were sweet treats and presents from home as well as messages and emails and a couple of Skype calls. Probably would have talked to all of them, but our wifi was still out that day. Love our kids and grandkids!

On Monday, we drove into Sydney and attended a small FHE and dinner with all the senior couples in the Australia Sydney South mission. This was delightful and we sure enjoyed getting to know these other faithful couples better. We also all got better acquainted with our new mission president and his wife. It was a lovely evening, albeit a long drive home afterwards. Worth every minute. Here’s a couple of pictures:

IMG_2860 IMG_2862

We had good classes this week with good attendance. Love this bunch so much! And we love the Book of Mormon! What a joy it is to teach it!

Wednesday was a good day…we got our internet restored! It was out for a month and it seemed longer! It’s so much easier to do our work (and talk to family) when we are connected! We are so grateful for this as well as the access to the church house wifi while we were not connected at home. Crazy how we rely on it so much! Guess we should be like the young elders and sisters, and not worry about it so much. We do have some communications we need to maintain with the YSA’s, however and it’s much easier with the internet at home!

Thursday, we had a great birthday Skype call with one of our granddaughters! Happy 14th, Mari!!! Miss you and the others! They are all growing up…I just want to scream…STOP! Or at least slow down! They are all changing so fast!

We plan to attend a bonfire tonight to say goodbye to two of our YS’s who are heading out on their missions this week. I’ve already posted a photo of Dannie in last week’s post. She’ll be serving in Adelaide. I’ll try to catch a photo of Zac tonight and post it next week. So proud of these young people! And since it gets very cold here after dark, we plan to “rug up”! (Dress warmly), even with a fire going.

I’ll close with some pictures I took on our drive to Sydney on Monday. This is a gorgeous country!

IMG_2763 IMG_2770 IMG_2772 IMG_2803 IMG_2809 IMG_2828 IMG_2853

Yes…I took all these photos on one drive to Sydney…Did I mention it’s a three-hour drive? And the sunsets last FOREVER here! Gorgeous skies and beautiful country!

We are well and happy!

Until next time…



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