Zone conference, goodbyes and Fall color

Hello from the land down under! We have had a busy week of many things…I LOVE busy weeks! I love having work to do! We have had the opportunity to teach with the young missionaries again this last week. What a joy it is to work with these amazing young missionaries. They are faithful and active and follow the Lord in all they do! What a huge sacrifice for them! We work with the YSA’s! We know. They have these busy full lives and then change everything and go out to serve! We love them all! We have taught more lessons to the Tongan minister and we are going again today. He has changed so much and we love seeing his change of heart in his countenance. We pray for him daily. We have also worked with others. And we are going to a baptism for a young YSA tomorrow. He’s also an amazing young man and has had to change a lot in his life, with opposition, to be baptised tomorrow. I’ll post a photo next week.

We attended a couple of ward YSA events this last week. One was a sports night. I took several photos, but I’ll spare anyone the embarrassment of a lousy action photo and just show you one of Elder Larkin holding the baby of the advisor couple in the ward. His name is Elijah. Old missionaries don’t play sports, they watch babies so their parents can play…


We also attended a farewell for one of our YSA’s who will leave a mission in less than two weeks. Here’s two photos from that event, including our sweet Danielle! She will be serving in the Adelaide mission.

IMG_2751 IMG_2754

Speaking of missionaries leaving, we said goodbye to Kiriwai, who flew out this last week to the Provo MTC. She will serve in Tokyo, Japan. She was the very first YSA we met here in Canberra and I will admit to a tear or two as we said goodbye! Here’s her photo:


We hosted the YSA Fast Breaker on Sunday at our flat! It’s always a squeeze to fit everyone in, but an enjoyable time was had by all. We gathered together for a goodbye picture with Kiriwai as she headed off to be set apart for her mission. Enjoy the faces…we do!


My final two photos are a representation of the wonderful Fall color we are enjoying here. Can’t get enough of it! But winter is coming on fast. It’s been cold and very late Fall like. The winter solstice is not for another 5-6 weeks or so. At least is isn’t scorching hot like summer (which was actually quite short!). Once it hits ANZAC (April 25) day, it gets cold! At least to me!

IMG_2712 IMG_2714

We also attended a great zone conference yesterday and met our new mission president. He and his wife were called on about a week’s notice, to replace our sweet President Lew who had to go home because of illness. We pray for him daily! The conference was wonderful, but because we had to leave early to go teach a class, I didn’t get any photos. Perhaps at our mission conference at the end of the month.

One last mention…Our prayers were answered when the valuable item we lost last week was handed in at the campus where we lost it. The Lord has truly blessed us an answered our prayers over and over! We are also grateful that there are still honest people in the world!

Until next time…




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