Oop’s, it happened again!

I sit at the church building writing this post because we are without wifi in our flat at the moment! About three days ago, our wifi quit working. Over the course of the last few days, and with many phone calls, we think we have a better picture of why, now. Our wifi, bundled with a land-line phone is arranged and paid for by CES in Sydney. As near as we can tell, our service was for one year contract only, and someone (we have no idea who) failed to realize that the service would be terminated at the end of the year…so the provider turned it off. However, turning it back on will require a full new installation order by someone at CES with the provider. Of course, this all comes to a realization to us at the beginning of the four-day Easter Holiday here. So…we won’t even get the order into the provider until next Tuesday (we hope) and then it will take 7-10 business days to get it up and running! Now…what are we supposed to learn from this? It took 6 weeks to get the internet in our flat a year ago when we first got here. And we had some major issues with some unexplained usage during February and March (which we never figured out). There must be a lesson to be learned why we are so tech challenged here! Perhaps we are to learn patience! And perhaps it is to learn gratitude for what we have!

So…here are a few things we are GRATEFUL  for:

1. Our good health! We have been so healthy while we have served here. Really good health. And I don’t have magic thinking that if I say that, it will cause us to get sick. We have just been greatly blessed while we have been here. We thank the Lord for this. He has watched over us!

2. Our easy and comfortable life here! We have everything at our fingertips. Shopping, necessities, a lovely home to live in. Food to eat. Amazing weather. Beautiful country. People we know who love us and we love them! It’s marvelous! We are so happy!

3. Blessings for family and friends. Our family back home is always in our thoughts. We know that life goes on and they have their struggles. We think of them often and pray for them everyday. They are not far from our hearts. You know who you are and what is our wish for you!

4. Modern ways of communication! We can Skype and FaceTime our family! Isn’t it marvelous?!

5. Our Testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Without this, our whole mission would not be happening. We love our Savior and know He is the head of our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We are so grateful for his atoning sacrifice of mercy which we are blessed with everyday! We could never express enough thanks.

A quick review of our last week:

We attended a fun little birthday party of one of our girls. And even though we didn’t bowl, we liked watching the others take their turn. Saw an amazing spare picked up…the ball rolled into the gutter…hit a pin that was stuck in the gutter, which in turn, kicked the pin in the gutter up just right to knock the pin that was still standing in the lane down! Lesson learned…don’t let things get you down…you may just be lifted up by someone who is as down as you are!

We had the wonderful privilege of attending General conference here! It is broadcast a week later here due to time differences. It was wonderful to hear the brethren in Salt Lake give us warnings and advice. Loved every minute of it…we attended every session! Excellent!

We taught our classes this week.  That sounds so mundane…but it is not! We love our time spent learning and then we especially enjoy our time teaching our wonderful students. Our association with they young people of the Stake here is fantastic! Love it! We said goodbye to one of our most faithful students this week. He has been attending ANU and working on his doctorate for quite a while. He has made his presentation and is now heading home to his family in Samoa. He has a wife and three children waiting for him there. Here is our goodbye photo with Toto. We will miss him dearly!


We also said a second goodbye to our friend, Todd. Todd is living in Melbourne, but came back to Canberra over conference weekend to see all his friends here. He gave us chocolates (Yum!) and we took another photo with him out front of the church. See the medal on his jacket. It represents the gold medal he won in the 2012 Olympics in the shot put! He is a strong and faithful man who only wants to do what’s right and serve the Lord. We love and appreciate Todd. Here’s our second goodbye photo of him. To see our first one check out my blog post called “ANZAC Day, War Memorial and Hulk Fest” from April 28, 2013. (I’d link it for you, but don’t know how to do that.) It’s hard enough saying goodbye once…but twice is even harder!


Well, that is all for now. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you! Again, we are so thankful for what we have and who we are!

Until next time…


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