Rain and Farewells

This will be a short post. Some weeks are just a little “regular”, with not much to report, except our “regular” duties and activities. This was one such week.

It has been a week of on and off rain. We wish our drought-stricken homeland (Southern California) were getting some of the nice rain we’ve had this week. Slow, and pretty steady, but nice and refreshing. It’s made things look so green! It’s especially nice as a few of the trees have started to turn color here. We are gently easing into Fall and we love it! Here’s a fun picture I took while Elder Larkin was filling our tank with petrol just yesterday. It’s the petrol sign. I didn’t do anything to distort the photo…this is how it looked through the windshield!


We have had a few goodbyes lately. Some of our sweet YSA who are waiting to leave on their missions are starting to depart. Two of them have gone “home” for a few weeks to prepare for their departure to the mission field. Here’s Tayla. She is going to the Adelaide Mission and leaving in about a week. She’s from Tasmania and has been gone from here for over a month. She was such a fun addition to our group for about 6 months! We all loved her! She even finished her Mission Prep course with her friends here via Skype!


And here is Seth. He has gone back to New Zealand where he is from and will depart in a few weeks for Johannesburg, South Africa. We said our goodbyes to him this last week. He plays rugby and is quite good at it!


We really love working with these amazing young people. They bring joy to our lives and we can’t imagine doing anything else. We had a ward YSA activity with some of them last night. Spending time with them is always fun! Sorry, again, no pictures. (I must remember to take a few more now and then).

We are heading to a baptism of another YSA in a couple of hours. I will report on that next post. We are looking forward to General Conference. We watch all the sessions a week later here. So excited to hear the talks and words of wisdom from the brethren.

Well, it’s short, but we move along everyday, doing the work and learning so much ourselves as we prepare our lessons and teach.

Until next time…

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