We have gone through a few milestones in the last couple of weeks. (Last week’s post was so minimal, I have two weeks of information to tell you.)

We celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago! Last year’s celebration was shared with thousands of missionaries at the MTC, so it was kind of nice just having a nice, quiet celebration of a very important event. We planned to go up to the Telstra Tower, (a local landmark) and see the view of all of Canberra and then have dinner in the restaurant. We made it to the tower about 2 hours before sunset and went up to the pay window to go up. No problem in going to the observation deck, but the restaurant was closed until it could be brought under new management. We were disappointed in that, but found the view of the whole of Canberra quite beautiful! We knew there were a lot of trees in Canberra, but from up there, we realized just how many there actually are! Seeing the city we have come to know and love from above was so fun. We would not have had the same perspective a year ago! After we left the tower, we drove closer to home and had a lovely meal at the Hogg’s Breath Cafe. It was great! And no tipping here in OZ, so that was a plus! Here’s some photos of the evening:

IMG_2333 IMG_2336 IMG_2360 IMG_2361 IMG_2364 IMG_2369

Here’s a beautiful sunset view of the Tower from last June just for comparison at what it looks at a distance. Just FYI, we see sunsets like this so often, we can hardly stand it! Oddly enough, there were no clouds in the sky the day of our anniversary.


Another milestone to celebrate was that we came into Australia just one year ago, on March 2. We drove to Canberra on March 7, which was one year ago TODAY! It is so hard to believe that it has been a year! This has truly been a wonderful experience for us. Yes, there have been some challenging days. No mission is without them, but they are far outweighed by the wonderful relationships we have developed with the good people here we have gotten to know; as well as having the opportunity to live in such a beautiful and amazing place.

We continue to teach our Book of Mormon Institute classes each week. Teaching from this sacred book has been so enlightening to us and we are so grateful for our own increase in personal knowledge and testimony that we have received doing so.

Our YSA’s are amazing! We love them! In just these last couple of weeks, three more of them have received their mission calls! One Elder is going to Sierra Leone, Freetown, West Africa! Another Elder is going to New Zealand, Hamilton mission and one of our young women has been called to the Brazil, Recife mission! So proud of them and we are so excited to have 7 right now with calls in hand and waiting to leave. There are two more waiting for their calls to arrive, so I will report on that when they come. Our attendance numbers have been going up, too. And there are two baptisms of YSA coming up on the 15th of March! All milestone moments for the YSA of this stake! Exciting things for a couple of old missionaries to enjoy!

We’ve been able to visit a couple of our Seminary classes in the last couple of weeks. Seminary teachers are truly the unsung heroes of the church! And two of the three of ours teach in their own homes, which gives them extra points for dedication! Just getting to Seminary and then to school is tricky for some of the youth of this stake and we are grateful for their efforts and the efforts of their parents to get them there.

We are still having wi-fi issues. Suffice it to say, it is a bit of a bother to have extremely limited wi-fi service. I am gratefully posting this from our wonderful church building nearby! Thank you LDS Access!

Until next time…

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