Another week has moved behind us. Time is moving faster than we want it to, sometimes! It has been a nice week…busy and fulfilling, as it should be. We had a wonderful opportunity to attend a Canberra Multi-cultural celebration last Saturday. For our friends in Orange County, it was quite similar to the Street Fair in Orange that is held every year…except way bigger! The downtown area in Canberra is called Civic. There is a huge shopping complex as well as an active business district. During the Festival, they block off streets and put up stages and booths and then those from the different cultures cook food, perform and showcase what their culture is all about. There were 7 or 8 full-sized stages as well as dozens and dozens of food and information booths. We knew several people that were performing, including some of the youth and YSA’s from our stake here. We arrived at 1:30 and didn’t leave to go home until about 6:30. And we sat and watched numerous performances so we could see everyone we knew perform. Along the way, we bought some authentic Tongan food and had dinner. Yum! It was wonderful and so enjoyable. I will note that it was awfully hot, though. But somehow we survived that, too. I took lots of video, and a few photos. Enjoy these pics from the day:

IMG_2213 IMG_2229 IMG_2233 IMG_2247


Yes, that is elder Larkin doing what missionaries do best…talking to people! This man approached him and told him Elder Larkin he was a less active member. He said it was a wonderful conversation and hopefully a nudge was given in the right direction. Don’t you just love the hat? At least his head didn’t get sunburned!

One thing we have learned in working with the YSA…they’re lives can be very fluid as they come and go. We have had several new YSA’s move here to Canberra and also a new returned missionary. We are grateful for the new ones as it adds a good stir to our mix! That means, however, that some of them leave, too. This week we had to say goodbye to another one of our YSA’s. But we will have opportunities to see her again, as she is heading to a Uni about three hours away and will be back on occasional weekends and holidays. Here is a picture with Alisha:

IMG_2256-cropped and edited

We continue to teach our classes. We are looking forward to several things this next week. A stake Valentines Dance tomorrow night, Stake Conference this weekend. The Stake President is being released, so it will be a spiritual weekend with lots of changes. And next week, we will travel to Sydney to hear Russell M. Nelson speak to all the missionaries in Sydney North and Sydney South Missions.  We are really looking forward to that. And we look forward to being in the temple, also. I’ll give you a full report in my post next week.

Until next time…

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