A New School Year

Still wrapping my head around the fact that school starts here in January/February. Seeing Back to School supplies in the store right after Christmas, people talking about the new school year, Seminary starting, seeing students heading off to class or coming home…it should be happening in August or September, right? Oh yes, we live in the land of Oz! We embrace the differences! (Kind of like driving on the left…) But it also means we get to start a new year of teaching Institute. We kept the night class going over the summer, but we are now back to teaching all our classes, even the Uni (University) ones. We began our course on The Book of Mormon this week. We have been waiting for this class and we are very excited to teach it! We are so enjoying it, already!

It’s Thursday. I’ve going to try to update my blog on Thursday or Friday from now on as I have a bit more time on those days to dedicate to it than earlier in the week when we are preparing for and teaching our classes.

For our last guest speaker for our summer night class, our good, kind Stake President came and gave an amazing and pertinent presentation to the YSA’s about the addiction of Pornography. (He is a counselor by profession). We thank him for his time and we were grateful he did this for us. All the more of a blessing as he will be released as Stake President on the 16th of February at our Stake Conference. We will miss working with him and his counselors. They have been a tremendous help in leadership in our mission duties and we are grateful we have had this association. Change happens…we look forward to see who we will be working with.

Last Sunday we had a wonderful Fast Breaker at one of the Bishop’s homes. So many came and not only was the meal great, but his message was timely and well received. The YSA’s stayed and socialized for hours…very fun! I took pictures (and with their indulgence) I am going to post a few here. We just love being with them and for who they are.

IMG_2172 IMG_2173 IMG_2176 IMG_2177 IMG_2180 IMG_2189 IMG_2200

We are so grateful to see so many enjoying their time together and being faithful.

We also started a Mission Prep course at the same time as our evening Institute class. This is taught by a good man in the stake and several of our YSA’s go to it. We have five (5!) in the stake right now who have received calls and they are waiting to leave, as well as several who are working on papers or have sent in their papers for their calls. There are about 7 out serving from the stake currently, so the numbers in this stake will more than double by July and beyond! The missionary explosion has happened here, and for a small stake (4 wards and a small branch), these numbers are exceptional. This has been one of the greatest joys we have watched here. The age change has certainly affected it, but so has the desires of those who want to serve! It’s exciting!

The turnout to our night class this week was also wonderful! We love the increase in numbers and the level of activity that is happening! What a joy it is to serve with the YSA and the youth of this stake.

We’ve had another opportunity this week to help the young missionaries teach someone. This time with some sisters. It was an interesting experience this time around as the young man considers himself a philosopher and that kind of created a stumbling block to the lesson. It was challenging. We hope to help them again, soon.

Well, I must close my post as I need to get ready to go teach another lesson. thanks for coming by for an update from us.

Until next time…


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