Australia Day

Greetings from down under! Today we are celebrating Australia Day! Actually, it was yesterday…Sunday. But today is a day off for most people here and there is still celebrations going on. Here’s a photo I took off the web showing the fireworks here in Canberra. There is a large man-made lake in the center of Canberra…called Lake Burley Griffin. It was named after the American whose master plan of the city was accepted and put into place when the city was founded in 1913. The fireworks are always set off over the lake.


Because it was Sunday, we didn’t go see them. In fact, we were busy hosting our CES Broadcast at the chapel. We had a wonderful turnout and the YSA’s enjoyed the message from Elder Callister and the socializing while they ate ALL the food we brought! I’m saying this is jest…but they remind me a bit of locusts…devouring everything in their path! We have worked with YSA’s for many years and we will testify that they eat what is put before them and they enjoy it!

We had a great guest speaker at Institute last week. He gave a timely lesson on the usage and cautions of the Internet. It was eye-opening! We have one more guest speaker tomorrow (our wonderful Stake President) and then we will begin our Book of Mormon course of study next week. We are really looking forward to teaching this class. We hope our students are, also.

This post is short, but we want you to know that we move forward everyday doing the work. It’s a joy to be here! Even when things are just a bit slower…

Until next time…

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