A good week here!

Hello there! I said I was going to be blogging more often. It’s been a week, so here we go! We have several things to share with you since our last post. Since we had two weeks off of Institute, we took advantage of a little more spare time and saw some sites here in Canberra that we had not had time to see since we came here 10 months ago!!! Yes, ten months here! We have less than 8 months left here on our mission. We are in denial…and don’t like to think about leaving here next August. Enough of that…

We have spent time at National Museum, the Sound and Film Archives, the Tidbinbilla Nature Preserve and the National Art Gallery. It was fun, daunting, and absorbing to see so much in so little time. I took many photos, most of which are less interesting, but I will include a few. The most I will show you were from the Nature Preserve. It is somewhat like a National Park in America. Our only difficulty is we should have gone early in the day when the animals were the most active, but we saw a lot and hope you enjoy the photos. So, here you go. The first ones are from the museum. You will see a Thylecine…a “Tasmanian tiger” which was killed to extinction by the 1930’s; the shirts from the “Wiggles” (our granddaughter, Juliette, will understand why I included that); boomerangs; native tapestries and art; a cut away view of the Sydney Opera House; a Holden car (manufactured here in Australia); sheep (more sheep than people here!); and some photos of the architecture of the building, along with us.

IMG_1557 IMG_1576 IMG_1585 IMG_1599 IMG_1622 IMG_1650 IMG_1667 IMG_1676 IMG_1679 IMG_1684 IMG_1690

The Sound and Film Archives was fascinating. It was smaller and easier to see as we could sit for part of it. Here’s a couple of photos. Elder Larkin looking at one of the displays; The Family Tree of Film and Sound (interesting); Two plaques that show some of the 500 submitted names for Canberra before it was named (my favorite being ‘Swindleville’…particularly because it is the seat of their national government); The unique architecture of the building (it was the Anatomy bldg on the campus of ANU before it was given to the Sound and Archives) and Elder Larkin in the newly refurbished theater where we watched a great presentation on the history of film in Australia.

IMG_1768 IMG_1772 IMG_1780 IMG_1781 IMG_1782 IMG_1784

We spent a day at the Tidbinbilla Nature Preserve. We were told that we could see many native animals there. It was a lovely place…nestled about a half hour from here in a eucalyptus forest.We took a few hikes through some protected areas and shot dozens of photos. Here are the highlights.  First, a Northern Coroboree Frog; a stuffed wombat (we have yet to see one in the wild…or the Preserve); a stuffed Platypus (about a foot long); a platypus coming up in a pond for air (look very closely…it’s the small brown speck in the middle of the photo…and I was zoomed in all the way. Very hard to get a photo of them in the wild…hence the stuffed one); kookaburra (we’ve only seen one, in Sydney the first day we were in Australia); a lighter stuffed wombat (the size of a medium dog); native turtle; two Australian Pelicans; full-grown koala in a 50 foot Eucalyptus tree…sleeping (they sleep 20 hours a day); mama koala and her “joey” in a protected tree in the enclosure (this joey is a girl); Elder Larkin in front of “Hanging Rock” (natives used to gather here to eat Bongong moths and socialize. There are several of these huge boulders); mama kangaroo ( we finally had our first close encounter. This was in a camping picnic area. She let us get within about 10 feet of her before she jumped off); Same kangaroo in motion; her half-grown joey hiding in the bush; a photo of about 50 “roos” we saw as we left the park.

IMG_1795 IMG_1826 IMG_1832 IMG_1980 IMG_1833 IMG_1840 IMG_1901 IMG_1902 IMG_1985 IMG_2027 IMG_2035 IMG_2075 IMG_2076 IMG_2087 IMG_2097

We also went to the National Art Gallery. They won’t let you take photos inside, so I only have a few. I will post those in the next post as I haven’t uploaded them, yet.

I promised myself I wasn’t going to do these marathon posts, but hope you enjoy the photos. We are getting back to work, here. We hosted the monthly Fast Breaker here last night. There was noise, food and generally good socializing. Four of our YSA’s have opened mission calls in the last week!!! They are going to Adelaide, Tokyo Japan, South Africa and London England! Another is waiting to go Auckland (Mandarin speaking). They will join the 7 already out from this stake and a few others who are working on papers. This stake is on fire for missionary calls right now! It’s very exciting!

We hope you all had a happy new year and that you are getting back into your routines as we are.

Until next time…

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  1. Ryan Larkin says:

    My favorites are Sydmeladperho and Meladneyperbane.

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