Almost Hump Day!

We find ourselves so wrapped up in our mission that I go longer and longer between blog posts. I’m not making excuses. It’s just how it is right now. We are coming up on our “Hump Day” on the 18th of Nov.  We can hardly believe that our mission is half over! We don’t even want to think about the fact that at some point we have to leave here and go back to the States! We have said many times, we love it here! We love the people we know, we love the Stake, we love the city and it’s beauty, we love the country and it’s beauty…we especially love what we are doing here…the missionary work! And we really enjoy teaching! I feel like I have multiplied my knowledge ten times over! This is a wonderful experience!

I promised a few pictures from our visit last month to Floriade in the daytime. It was amazing to see so many acres of floral displays! We absolutely loved it! Enjoy the photos! These are just a few of the dozens of photos that we took!


IMG_0252 IMG_0272 IMG_0303 IMG_0317 IMG_0349 IMG_0362 IMG_0366 IMG_0397 IMG_0401 IMG_0413 IMG_0429 IMG_0460

We have had the opportunity a few times to help the Elders teach a couple of investigators. This has been a wonderful experience and we have enjoyed the two young ladies we have helped teach! We are so excited for their baptisms.

We have had several activities with the YSA’s in the last few weeks. We’ve done a couple of Fast Breakers these last two months. We enjoy the chance to share food together as well as break our Fasts and have a spiritual moment together. We also enjoyed General Conference over the second weekend of Oct. We see it delayed by a week. But I did take a peek at a couple of sessions on-line prior to our time at the Stake Center. It was such a great conference! Since we are teaching a course in Institute on “Teachings of the Living Prophets” we have been enjoying re-reading and studying many of these wonderful messages from the brethren. When we finish this course, we will have a few weeks of guest speakers and then begin our course in The Book of Mormon in February. So excited to teach that!

We also had a Scripture Mastery event with the Seminary students and teachers. It was a pretty fun evening and we are put to shame at how much better they know their scriptures than us! Powerful potential missionaries! We also had a Stake Seminary Make-up day for those who needed credit hours for completion. That was a good event and we have three of the very best Seminary teachers in the church! We love our Seminary teachers! We are also preparing for our Stake Seminary Graduation this coming Sunday. The school year in near it’s end and summer break is coming up! I know…it confuses us Northern Hemisphere brains all the time! Still trying to get used to a summer Christmas season! Speaking of weather, it’s been a pleasant Spring; in spite of the fickle nature of it. Warm sunny days followed by cool rainy ones! Love the changing seasons and the longer daylight right now.

On the 27th of October our YSA’s hosted a Multi-Stake fireside…in Sydney! We were able to arrange a small bus and with that a few cars, we had 24 of our YSA’s there to fulfill their responsibilities. So proud of how they came through! They did great on their talks, the music and the set up of the event. Gratefully, another Stake did our refreshments and clean up so we could leave and arrive back in Canberra at a reasonable hour. It was 1:00 am or after before they all got home! Later that week, we held a Halloween Dance! Australia is a little new to the holiday, and no one does much trick or treating, but they love the dress up and party part! It was a great dance and we all had so much fun! It was a little exhausting for a couple of days, but so worth it! Here’s a photo of us in our “costumes”. We were Mr. Magoo and Pumpkin Head! (Not really, but what can you do when you’re a missionary?)


We had a wonderful opportunity to go to a vocal recital for one our YSA’s last week! What a talented young lady! She sang the special musical number at our fireside, also. She’s got so much talent and we see her using this great gift to serve the Lord as she goes through her life! A day later, we also heard her Grandfather perform at a local mall. We know where she get’s her singing genes from! Here’s a photo of Kirrah singing her heart out!


We have welcomed home a new returning missionary…Faith Stubbs, who served in the Toyko Japan mission! She’s so bubbly and she has already added a great deal to our Institute class. Her family hosted a lovely Open House to welcome her home and we enjoyed a beautiful Philippine String Band ( her Mom is from the Philippines) as well as yummy food! We will try to get a photo with her soon.

We enjoyed a great Stake FHE (family home evening) with the YSA’s last Sunday! Fun lesson, games and food! (Of course!) These kids are great and we enjoy everything we do with them! They are the best!

Here are some shots I took just the other day. The sky was deliciously beautiful…so blue and full of clouds! As I said before…Australia is a beautiful country!

IMG_3808 IMG_3811 IMG_3814 IMG_3817

Our health is good, and we are grateful for the sustaining hand of the Lord in keeping us going everyday! We are grateful for the prayers and concerns for us and feel the blessings that come from that. We love you all and miss those who are home in the States. And even though we don’t want it to be, our mission will be over before we know it! Hump day gives you a new perspective. Crazy time…slow down!

Until next time…

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One Response to Almost Hump Day!

  1. Eldon Larkin says:

    It’s been fun to follow your great service. We have had a grandson in Australia since Sept. He is in the Brisbane Mission. He has been in Coomera on the Gold Coast since July and we thought he would be transferred last week but he survived till the next one. He too continues to say how much he loves the country. He served for 5 months up in Cairns before Coomera. Thanks for your blog. Keep the great work.
    Eldon Larkin (now in St George Area)

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