I am repenting again…it has been over two weeks since my last post. I can use the excuse that we have been a little busy, but I will try and do better!

We saw our first kangaroos a couple of weeks ago! At least some live ones. We see many that are killed by cars along the side of the road. The “Roos” as they call them here are most active in the morning and evening hours. A group of them is called a “mob”. This is an iPhone photo I took of them as we were stopped at a light coming home from a seminary visit. I’ve enlarged it and enhanced it, so this is as good as it gets! Since then we have seen more of them, including just this morning in the same spot.

We have been unusually busy of late. The second term of Institute started this week, which includes our new class at the University of Canberra which we teach on Thursdays. So two classes on Tuesdays and one on Thursdays, finally all on the same lesson. We had a three hour make up class for our ANU students last Saturday as they were behind and all four of them wanted to get the credit. We also had an end of term party for night class last week. This included a pot luck dinner and board games. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves a lot. In addition to our Institute classes, we have visited all three Seminary classes this month. Two are in the teacher’s homes and one is at one of the buildings. Good teachers…we enjoy it!

In addition to studying our lessons and our teaching and teacher duties, we have had a lot of YSA activities going on. Our committee and planning meetings, in addition to Fast Breakers, a stake YSA dance (which involved some glitter that was almost the death of us…haha), and Family Home Evenings. We have also enjoyed dinner with some of the members and we spoke in one of the wards last Sunday. We’re scheduled to speak in June in another ward, also. So…yes…quite busy! But it’s all a good busy.

On the 7-10 of June we will be traveling to Sydney for a Multi-stake YSA Mini Convention with about 15 of our YSA’s. Sydney is about a three hour drive from here. The best part is we will be attending the temple while we are there. We miss going more often, but glad we get the chance this time around.

The weather is getting quite cold. It’s getting down to or near freezing every night and it gets up to the 50’s (F) in the daytime. It’s usually quite foggy in the mornings, but it dissipates into the most beautiful blue skies, usually dotted with lovely clouds. No pollution here, so the sky is really blue! We’ve not had much time to figure out the constellations of the Southern Hemisphere night sky, yet. It’s usually just too cold to stare at it for long. We are also very grateful the management company installed a new heater for us to replace the defective one. Especially because its only going to get colder. Many of the trees are bare now and the rest are turning colors to finish up the fall season.

We are both happy, healthy, busy and very grateful we are here! We wouldn’t change a thing!

Until next time…

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