Feeling guilty for missing a week!


It has been two weeks since my last post. I’m feeling the need to a confession of sorts that I have ignored the blog. So I am making amends with a long newsy post!

Last Sunday, Elder Larkin was sustained to the High Council here in the Canberra stake. This will bring so much more help into our mission service. He will be responsible for YSA’s and also Institute and Seminary. The wonderful man who was covering these things was released a couple of months ago, just as we first arrived. He’s been most helpful in helping us here, but is now in a bishopric. So the responsibility fell to us and the YSA advisor couple for the stake. It’s good to have the ear of the stake presidency in all of these things and we feel this calling is an answer to prayers. It took awhile to clear this calling with the proper channels, but we look forward to the help it will give us.

We are preparing to start another Institute class at the University of Canberra by the end of May. We’ve been getting it cleared with the University and contacting the potential students. There are many Chinese students who attend there and the missionaries have had good success with them. We are going to a baptism this evening of two of them. We are hopeful to get some of them coming to the new class. We have a lovely Chinese student who attends our ANU class on Tuesdays. Her English is excellent and she has a pretty good testimony and understanding for a convert of only 6 months. Our attendance at our stake night class continues to climb upward! It’s exciting to see them coming out in greater numbers! It’s good timing, too, as we are into the very end of the Four Gospels right now. And even though studying to teach the Atonement in the Garden, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection has required some intense studying, it has been well worth it to see them gaining a greater understanding of these precious things in our lives and feel the Spirit.

We were invited to dinner at the Stake President’s home a week ago. They are a wonderful couple and we really enjoyed getting to know the other “Larkins” in the stake. It was a wonderful evening.

Last Sunday we had the monthly YSA Fast Breaker. This was held at the home of the YSA advisor couple. The turn out was wonderful and they do it true pot luck style, so the meal was also delish! The Teaurima’s (whose home it was held) are from the Cook Islands. They’ve been in Australia for 20 years, and Sister Teaurima is a wonderful cook and we all enjoyed the fruits of her labor that night. She made a tasty otai for us to drink/eat! Brother Teaurima gave a good message to them and then afterwards they stayed an talked until nearly 10:00! What a fun event. We met even more of them, which we love!

We don’t hear as many birds singing since the weather has gotten colder. It’s still pleasant temps in the daytime, even though it is cold at night. We do have a couple of Australian Magpies who like to come to our door and beg for food. I’m afraid we gave them some bread crumbs one day and now they appear almost every afternoon. They aren’t shy and come right to the back door and wait as we open it and put the food out for them. We seem to have created a monster, I’m afraid!

I would have posted more photos, but Elder Larkin is using my computer to write a talk for the baptism tonight. His computer is broken and it has caused us a bit of stress to deal with it. Long story short, it may be awhile before he gets it back, which is frustrating, but we just have to deal with it. So, I am posting from my iPad. I have yet to figure out how to get more than one photo into a post from this device. So in closing, enjoy the one photo I have up today. I took this picture early this morning right after rising. Our back door faces East. But the sun is very low in the NORTHERN sky here in the Fall and Winter. (Just as it is in the Southern sky at home). So the sun is coming into the photo from the Northeast. It is great to see it every morning!

We send all love back home!

Until next week….

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