Happiness is a choice


Another lovely week has gone by. We are so grateful to be here. As we have worked to find our way Spiritually here, and work with the local leadership, we have been praying to know how we can find a way to do our calling in the best way and reach these young people. Next week I will post about one way that our prayers will be answered. But for now, let me say that we all can choose to be happy. Happiness is truly a choice. Yes, bad things happen to good people. All the time. The events of the last week in America have shown this to be so. But with faith in the Eternal Plan of Happiness that our Father in Heaven has given us…and with the Atoning Sacrifice of our brother and Savior, Jesus Christ…we can find that happiness we are seeking. It is within our grasp. We must choose to follow that which will truly make us happy! And our loving Heavenly Father wants us to be happy. He has given us the way. Our choice has been given to us and we choose to be happy!

I can’t help but post, again, about how beautiful it is here. As we step deeper into Autumn we are reminded everyday of this beautiful world that God created for us! These lovely birds showed up a few days ago right outside of the back of the flat. They were not too spooked by us and our cameras. So we caught some good shots of their grandeur! As Christ said of the Lilies of the field, “…even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.” We see beauty every where we go…God’s earthly beauty. And we are grateful for it.

We enjoyed the second day of General Conference last Sunday, and went to the Tuggeranong Ward today for church. What a wonderful group of people! The Relief Society lesson was given by the Relief Society president. She’s from Scotland. Cutest accent! But everybody else has one, too! Even us! We meet with the YSA committee this week and we are excited to plan our strategies for events and “search and rescue”. We are also teaching lessons in Institute that are following the last week of the Savior’s life. It has been so wonderful to study the New Testament and we are learning more everyday about the Savior! The work continues and we are so grateful we are part of it!

Just in passing, we finally got the internet in our flat. We are grateful. But we are grateful we have been able to get online at the church buildings when we’ve had to. The Lord has taken such good care of us!

Until next week…

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