Enjoying Conference

Greetings to everyone! It is Saturday here. Because General Conference is broadcast live in the middle of the night here, the stake records all the sessions and then broadcasts them at the stake center for the people here. Many watch them online at home during the week, but we still don’t have the Internet in our flat, so we came to the stake center to watch the Satuday sessions today. How wonderful they were! We enjoyed all the messages from the brethren and expect to enjoy tomorrow’s broadcasts as well. Isn’t technology amazing? And how grateful we are for it! It also allows to us instantly connect to family and see their faces when we do. It’s the best kind of “mail”! We are also so grateful that we can “connect” at the church and use the wifi there. I guess it’s a little like the Gospel…we must “connect” to The Lord to hear the word and get the “message”.

Last Sunday we enjoyed a wonderful Fast and Tesimony meeting with the YSA’s followed by a Sunday School class and Fast Breaker. The event was well attended (almost 30!) and they greatly enjoyed being together and being spiritually and physically fed. We have met over 40 of the young singles in the stake and hope to increase that number as we go along. Our classes are going well, also. The New Testament has been wonderful to teach and we love the teaching.

I’ve been recording some of the many birds we hear each day on my iPhone. When we get online at home, I will see if I can get them moved to my computer so I can link them to the blog. It will amaze all of you to hear them. They sing and call constantly throughout the day here. Love it! Many of the trees are a vibrant orange, red and yellow! The days are warm, the nights cool. Canberra is a beautiful city and we are gradually seeing more and more of it.

We attended a BBQ today between sessions, today. It was in celebration of the recovery from an accident 5 years ago, of someone who is fast becoming one of our favorite YSA’s here. He is an amazing person and we have loved getting to know his story. We have the greatest respect of his faith and fortitude!

We appreciate all your prayers and we feel them sustaining us in all we do. We are so happy doing this work.

Until next week…

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