Autumn comes to Canberra

This will be short. We still don’t have wifi in our flat, so I’m posting this from the church building. So grateful we have access to wifi here!

Autumn us here! The nights are cool. The days still warm, but we’re seeing more color everyday we go out.

The work is going well. Our classes continue to go well and we had the best turnout yet last Tuesday with 18 in attendance! We are so enjoying teaching the life of Christ from the New Testament. Loving it! We had a YSA service activity today and again, the turnout for this type of event was good…13 overall. They enjoyed socializing and we got to know the YSA’s of this stake much better today. They even gave us a bit of an Aussie language lesson…so we’re learning how to sound less like Americans and more like Australians. It’s fun! But I think they like teasing us when we say the wrong word for something or mispronounce something. Hard to remember WE’RE the ones with an accent!

We are looking forward to our YSA Fast and Testimony meeting tomorrow and Fast Breaker. We hope to get 30+ there. That would be great turnout! We also had a chance to visit with one of the young men this week. He had a car accident 5 years ago. And what a sweet spirit he has. It takes great faith to face each day for some of us. There is much we can learn for those who persevere and endure with a smile on their face!

Here’s to another week. We have been here in Canberra a month already! It’s hard to believe that! The time is flying by, already!

Our love to all of you; until next week…


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