Our first mail!


With electronic mail and all the blessings of the Internet, snail mail is not very common for missionaries, anymore. But we were excited to open our mail box a few days ago and find a sweet letter from a sweet grandson. Thanks, Elijah! Thanks to everyone who has sent us email! It’s great to have a touch of home! And the Skype and FaceTime calls have been priceless!

We are still waiting for the Internet for our flat, so I am still sporadic with my blog posts. But I hope to get more regular after we get online at home.

We taught our first classes last week and we are preparing to teach again, tomorrow. The young adults of this stake are awesome! We are enjoying getting to know them and have started a photo directory so we can remember names to faces. We have attended two different wards, so far, to help us accomplish these tasks and we are really getting to know more people of this wonderful stake. This will be a great place to fulfill our mission. Loving the people, already.

The weather has taken a slight turn. It’s cooler and we had our first rain. Fall is in the air, but the days are still sunny and warm. We’re not sure how Autumn will manifest itself here, but a few trees are already changing color. It may be pretty colorful around here as the season progresses. There are many trees of all kinds of variety here. It’s green and lush. The sky is full of clouds most days and we are thoroughly enjoying this lovely country!

We are so grateful that we have been given this opportunity to serve the Lord here on this mission. We feel the inspiration of the call and how well suited it is to us and our experience prior to getting here. It was truly inspired! We are also so thankful we have the means to be here. We have been blessed in so many ways in the past which has allowed us this wonderful blessing!

We love all of you back home. And we are gaining a great love for the people here. We miss everyone, but we’re glad we haven’t had too much homesickness. We enjoy so many of the comforts of home here and we’re glad for that. We send our love to all of you!

Until next week…

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