Hello from Down Under!

We are here in Canberra! We are so grateful we have arrived at our field of service. There is much to tell, but we do not have Internet in our “flat” yet, so I’m giving you all a quick update until I can get online for a longer time and post a long newsy post about our travels and all that has happened.

I will just say that we are settling in and finding that life here is wonderful, albeit a little frenzied to begin with. We arrived here in Canberra on the 7th…last Thursday. We’ve been spending part of our time shopping for necessities, setting up our flat, and mostly meeting many of the people we will be working with. We have met the Stake President (President Larkin!) and with the High Counselor who has been over the Young Singles and Institute here. He was just released and is now in a bishopric, so we are taking over many of his duties. We have been to the CES broadcast with the Young Singles and to one Institute class this afternoon and we are attending the other one this evening. We will be teaching the campus class in the future. And possibly the evening one, also. The numbers here are few…we have much work to do to bring more of the young people of this Stake to the blessings of the Gospel. We are so pleased to feel the desire of those who are leaders here be excited about our arrival and how we can serve them and the Young people of this Stake. The members here are strong and faithful, but the stake is small (4 wards and a branch or two) and somewhat smaller in numbers than we are used to, but they are so friendly and enthusiastic. We’ve received so many hugs already.

We are enjoying the mix of cultures and ethnicities both in the church and the city. Elder Larkin has been brushing up on his Tongan with the local Tongan members that he meets. The city is clean and beautiful and we are looking forward to doing a little site seeing in the future as this is their National Capital and all the memorials and museums are here. We’ve driven past their Capital hill several times coming and going.

Speaking of driving, Elder Larkin has been doing all the driving up to this point. We have a mission car. Driving on the left side of the road is a little intimidating, but he’s doing well and I hope I get the nerve to try it myself at some point! As he says, he hasn’t hit anyone, yet!

I promise more pictures and more details at a later date. We are, at the moment, sitting in the LDS chapel where we have wi fi. It’s 4:05 in the afternoon on Tuesday here, and late at night Monday, or early in the morning Tuesday for most of you who will read this…probably tomorrow morning. So g’day to all of you!

We’re well, happy and already working hard! And we love it!!!

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One Response to Hello from Down Under!

  1. Lorraine Bitter says:

    Love hearing about your grand adventure! Lorraine

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