We leave tomorrow!


Since we are leaving the MTC tomorrow, I am leaving you with a quick post! Our time here has been simply amazing! Our training has been fabulous! This week we have had our CES training. I don’t think we will ever teach the scriptures the same way again! And we are so excited to get to our students and use the tools we have learned! The emphasis is to teach with the spirit and guide the students to recognize the principles and doctrines they find in the scriptures. And after they recognize them, our job as teachers is to help them to learn how to apply these doctrines and principles into their lives so they can receive the blessings of the temple and someday return to their Father in Heaven.

We worked with some other amazing senior couples and formed quite a bond with them. Our short testimony meeting before we parted was so sweet and we feel we could all be friends forever! And we are going all over the world!

Our trainers this week (sorry, no pictures) were also wonderful. Experienced brothers and sisters who shared their experiences and helped us better understand this wonderful way of teaching. One of our trainers this week was a Brother Matt Pope. He is Australian and worked in the Sydney area in S&I. We had lunch with him and picked his brain a little about the S&I program there and other things he knew about Canberra. He also taught our little group some Australian slang: G’day means hello. Ooroo means goodbye. Ta is a quick way to say thanks. And Bonza is something great! We were also informed no one eats “shrimp”…they call them Prawns…and they rarely put them in the barbee! So that was the extent of our Australian language training here! Hopefully it will be all we need!
So now we part…we leave the MTC at about 1:00 tomorrow afternoon and fly to LAX at 5:30. After a four hour layover, we get on a 13 hour flight to Aukland New Zealand arriving Sunday morning. We have a day there for more CES training and then fly to Sydney on Monday evening arriving at 5:30. After that, I’m not sure of our schedule, but we probably won’t be in Canberra until at least Tuesday. And remember…they are a day ahead of us here in the states.

Our love to all! Look for my next post in about 10 days.

PS, enjoy this photo of Mt Timpanogas the greeted us every morning!

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One Response to We leave tomorrow!

  1. Glenn Larkin says:

    Go Maryann & Lyle! Bless you much!

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