Hello From the MTC!

Greetings from the MTC! We have finished up our first week here and it was amazing! No time is wasted here, but they treat the Senior Missionaries with care. Our first day here, we were settled into our routine fairly quickly. They do all the senior missionary training at the church building next door to the MTC. So every morning after breakfast we would walk over there and be there from 8:00 am to about 4:30-5:00 pm with our lunch being served to us there. Our breakfasts and lunches would be with all the missionaries here at the HUGE cafeteria in the main building! Quite a production!
Our training this week consisted of lessons from “Preach My Gospel”. If you are going to go on a mission soon, or have your call…read the book! Especially chapter three! We learned a lot of things in a short amount of time. This curriculum is taught to ALL missionaries, young and senior. Study it! We had numerous opportunities to practice on “investigators” who were volunteers from the community. Some were members and some were not. We never knew. After finishing up our week of training, we were given today (Saturday) as our p-day. (Preparation day). After breakfast this morning, we walked up to the temple and did a session. When we went in, the walkways were clear. As we came out, we were greeted with two new fresh inches of snow and it was coming down hard as we made our way back to the MTC. Gratefully neither of us fell and we survived the snow! After our lunch today, we went to the basement of the main building and did a little laundry. We are resting in our room at present. Senior missionaries have slightly different rules here. We can carry our cell phones and be hooked up online, both here at our residence as well as the church building where we receive our training. This has allowed us to stay a little more connected. The young missionaries are not allowed these privileges! We’re grateful for them.
I will post a few pictures and explain them. This has already been an amazing experience and we have barely begun. Our mission is one of those that was split in the big announcement Friday of the 58 new missions formed by the church. Those changes will be in full effect by July. We know our mission president will be moved to the Sydney North mission and we will get a new mission president in July…unless our assignment gets changed also. We won’t know for awhile, so until then, we move forward towards our CES assignment in Canberra.
We fly out of here on Friday, March 1st. Because we are flying through New Zealand and with our training there, we will not arrive in Sydney until the evening of March 4th. As to our arrival in Canberra, we do not know. Perhaps a day or two after that. Next Saturday, I will be on an airplane, so I am not sure when I will post again. But as soon as possible, I will catch you all up with our adventure! Enjoy the photos! (Apparently, each photo went up as a separate blog post…sorry about that! I will link just this post, but go back and look at the photos I have posted!)

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