Visa Delays!!!

Just hours after I put up my last post, we got a call from Salt Lake informing us that because of Visa problems, we will not be leaving for the MTC until March 18th! Australia changed their Visa application process and we (along with many others) were caught up in the change. The Visas may come through as early as late Feb or early March, but the CES missionaries only go into the MTC on the third week of the month, so we have to wait! After the initial shock, sadness and frustration, we readjusted our thinking and “undid” some things, postponed some other things and went ahead with our farewell talks and Open House which were yesterday. Our family near by; Alan and family and Jason and family came to join us. And our daughter, Renetta, who lives in Oklahoma, surprised us by coming in for the weekend! What a delightful surprise that was. And it added to the sweetness of the experiences. Missed the Texas kids…wishing they could have come, too!

Our talks went well. And the Open House was a huge success! There were so many people that came and there were lots of hugs and goodbyes. We so appreciate our friend, Linda for throwing the party and for all those who provided food. It was wonderful! Having these under our belts will help us quietly depart when the time is near.

So, we move forward again. With the knowledge that The Lord is in charge. And we will be glad to serve whenever it is he gets us out there to do it!

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