The countdown is on!

With only 10 days to go, we are crazy busy getting ready to leave! There is much to do. I won’t take the time to give details, but suffice it to say, each day is filled with things from our To-do lists! And it seems that everything we do takes twice as long as we think it will!
We have had a little glitch in our Visa process. And it was not of our doing. We received a packet from Salt Lake a couple of weeks ago. It had all the Visa application information identical to what we had already received and had sent in way back in late November! The deadline for receiving it all filled out and complete was Dec. 20. We had done that…almost a month early. When this new packet arrived, we called in a panic and they explained that Australia had changed their Visa Application form and we needed to fill out the “new” form (it wasn’t identical, after all) and get it sent in ASAP. After saying the packet should have had a cover letter (it did not) the sister from Salt Lake explained what parts we needed to fill out. We did so and mailed it overnight mail. It takes 3-4 weeks for this to go through once they receive it. So it’s likely we won’t get our Visas until we are at the MTC. It makes us a little nervous, to say the least. But faith is always tested. This is just another test, I guess.
I hope those who are nearby will come and hear us speak this Sunday, Jan 13th. We speak in the Santiago Creek Ward at 1:00 p.m. at the Orange Stake Center on Yorba in Orange. We also will have a little get together that evening at our friend, Linda Corwin’s home from 6:30-8:30. Her address is 864 Snow Goose, Orange, 92869. We’d love to see many of you there to say goodbye and for hugs and cookies!
We love you all. I hope to post on the blog regularly, so follow along. And I will try to post links to the blog on Facebook.

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One Response to The countdown is on!

  1. JoAnn Jensen says:

    I’ve watched your Facebook posts with great interest, and wish you many blessings in this wonderful undertaking. I loved Australia and the Australian saints. It has been 56 !! years since I served there. Dick and I took a vacation there a few years ago; we really enjoyed it. I served 15 months in Sydney suburbs, and three months in Brisbane. At the the time I served, there were no missionaries who were serving farther north than Townsville, and there were just two missions. May the Lord bless you. Love, JoAnn

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