Skype calls and ambulances!

Many of you are aware we had a pretty big medical scare about a month ago. As we were driving to Simi Valley for a Young Singles activity to the Reagan Library, Lyle passed out in the car! (Gratefully, I was driving!) After three days and two hospitals, we found he has orthostatic hypotension. Basically, his blood pressure drops suddenly. It seems to be a medication problem. And after several doctors visits and experimenting with his medication, he is doing much better and we feel we have a handle on this particular problem. And his doctors feel that, also. There’s still some fine tuning, but we are focused on moving forward and getting everything ready for our departure in January.

With all that mostly behind us, we are getting more preparations done for our mission. Our FBI reports finally came back. They took almost 6 weeks, which is what we had been told. They will be added to other paperwork for our Visas and mailed up to Salt Lake City early this week.

We also had an amazing Skype call with Brother Daniel Kuhn in Sydney this evening! What a fun call! We asked many questions and we all found out a little bit about each other. He is the area director over Seminaries and Institutes in the Sydney/Canberra area. We’ll be working with great young people and their teachers in Canberra and outer districts of the mission. Areas like Nowra and Narooma. We are so excited and we can hardly wait to get there and begin getting to know these fantastic youth! Sounds like we’ll be driving several hours outside of Canberra to reach these small groups of Seminary and Institute students who need a little extra attention. And reaching those YSA’s who are in need of involvement with each other is also one of our assignments. They are working with the directors in Aukland to get a stop in New Zealand for more training before we actually arrive in Canberra. And the Sydney mission president is also looking for housing for us and getting a car for us to drive.

So, tonight we are grateful for the Lord’s tender mercies. The time we have had to wait has all been a little more logical, now. We needed time to not only get our Visas, but also to address our health issues and get them taken care of. It is comforting to know that The Lord knows all things and he is blessing us greatly. Thanks to all for your love, prayers and support.

We only have about 10 weeks to go…and time seems to be going faster and faster. We can hardly wait!

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