A fun phone call!

We had a long conversation with a Wayne Maurer from New Zealand last night. He is one of the area coordinators over Seminary and Institutes in the Pacific area. He clarified a lot of things we will be doing while on our mission. He said they were trying to get our flight plan changed so we could have a day and a night in Aukland before we fly on to Sydney. We’ll see if that can happen. He said that about 3-4 years ago, they had a couple doing what will be our job, but no one since then. The Stake President in the Canberra stake has asked for a couple, and we will be filling that request and be “trailblazers” of sorts when we arrive.

There is a brother who coordinates the Seminary and Institute programs for Sydney and Canberra. We will be communicating with him about some of the details. The Institute program does not have a building to meet in…they have their classes in the church buildings there. We will be teaching a couple of classes, but he didn’t know details on that, yet. It may also be on the college campus. We will probably be holding Family Home Evenings with the Young Singles of the stake who don’t have families there. That may be in our home. There are about 6 teachers that teach early morning Seminary and/or Institute. We will be working with those teachers doing inservice, training, etc. He wasn’t sure about the Institute choir…but chuckled as he said, “If you want to have an Institute choir, you can do that.”

We will be doing coordinating and training with all the teachers and supervising the Seminary and Institute programs with an emphasis on enrollment and recruitment and involvement…especially with the Institute students.

We will be assigned a car, with a monthly rental fee as we will be driving around in this assignment. Especially to outer reaches of the stake. They will be finding a place for us to live. We will be communicating with the local brother about this. He spends most of his time in Sydney, where there is 10 stakes; where Canberra only has one stake. And he will be in a supervisory role over us. His name is Daniel Kahn.

We still have questions, but we’ll be contacted by Brother Kahn and clarify things with him. We also learned how to say “Canberra” properly. Hopefully I can type it the way it sounds. It’s “Canbura” or “Canbra” or something in between. 🙂

We are so pleased to know a little more about what we will be doing. So much of it is familiar to us and we are so looking forward to working with the young people of Canberra.

Now, if I can just master the accent…


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One Response to A fun phone call!

  1. Ria Hatch says:

    If you can say “Louisville” correctly, then you’ll be fine. “Luvil” should do it.

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