Step by step

Today, we went to the Police Dept. and had ourselves fingerprinted for the FBI check. The process was so interesting, because the church recommends several things before having it done. Apparently, as we age, our fingerprints can be worn down by…well, by living, I guess. So prior to today, we had to put Vaseline on our fingertips for the last three nights and “milk” our fingertips from the palm to the tips today. All this, so we could have the best prints taken. Interesting! The biggest problem, is if the FBI doesn’t like the prints we send them, we have to start all over again with this process. And it can take 6-8 weeks each time. Obviously, we don’t want to go through this twice if it may delay our departure for Australia. We also had to have a police record of each of us sent to our home so we can send that in, also.

As I said, step by step.

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